Feb 24, 2013

Sep 14, 2012

Black Ops is coming back

As Black Ops is coming back with Black Ops 2, will we have again customized emblems? Should I take it back lo live? What do you think? Maybe some of the ideas we have over here are useful for the new game... Still thinking about it.

Mar 27, 2012

Spartan Helmet, by "qumbug"

qumbug sent me this emblem lilke three months ago. I already abandoned this blog, or kind of, much earlier but I think it is fair to share this work he made, even including the layers to create it. I guess most of us are not playing Black Ops any more, but, just in case, this Spartan Helmet:

Jun 14, 2011

Level 50 15th Prestige. Rising levels tips (and III)

I played a lot of hours as I said in the first and second part of this long post. For that reason I feel entitled to talk about what I saw on the battlefield.

First of all: DON'T CAMP. Campers are bad considered and, to be honest, camping doesn't take you anywhere. How many can you kill by camping? 7 or 8? Even 17? Of course, if you are protecting a flag, or a target, and in the radar you see people coming to you, you can hide in a corner for a while, but don't make you strategy on camping. You'll loose!

If I go to a room and there is a camper in a corner, I'll try to kill him the next time. If he is good enough, he will move a bit (staying in the same place is really stupid). Maybe he kills me twice in that case... But I promise I'll keep that player in mind for the rest of the game, and the evening if necessary and I'll use all my power to smash him.

Sniping sometimes is necessary. If you are an easy target on an open field and there are only snipers, fight them back, but usually it is a bit boring for me.

Shotgun and breking into rooms is a very funny option sometimes. Not always, but SPAS-12 with Suppressor and Ninja can give you a lot of kills in some occasions. Tactical Insertion can help to avoid running al the time.

Using the killstreaks is an art. Sometimes you see a lot of people in a spot, capturing a flag (typical example, taking B in Villa). It could be too late until your strike hits the point and you'll get barely nothing. Anticipate: cut the respawnding points or go to the unprotected flag, even if it looks safe.

Every Prestige you go further you have to forget about fullfilling all the challenges. Don't finish every Perk and every weapon. Move on. Do just what it is necessary to go to the last Prestige and then finish them easily. I did yesterday nearly all of them to the Pro version, just in an evening. Kill, grow and forget the rest. There are 15 times to do it and you waste your time if you stop on that point.

There are, of course, as many options and opinions as players on Black Ops, on every platform but I did this for being on the maximum prestige level. Are you that high?

I hope you liked, at least, my point of view and if you can take some of the tips to improve, I'll be glad.

Jun 13, 2011

Level 50 15th Prestige. Rising levels tips (II)

How do I play?

I played with different options but having a more or less standard process to build up my profile after every prestige.

In the beginning of every Prestige I started using the faster profile available, with the MP5K. In a couple of games I already had level 6 or 7 so I could create some customized version of it. I'd wait until the 14th level for spending most of my money, improving it but the very first wast to buy Sleight of Hand. For me it is fundamental.

That would be followed by items like Rapid Fire, Claymores, Flash Grenades and Makarov Pistol with upgraded targeting. Marathon and Lightweight were always in my first levels.

After reaching level 14th I went most of the times for the Famas, creating different versions of the profile, one with Grenade Launcher, other with Reflex Sight and another one with War Lord and Reflex/Suppressor and Ninja.

The one with the Grenade Launcher usually had a rocket launcher too, in case some one is hiding in a hole for a long time. Hardline was important in my profiles many times also and I used to have some killstreaks as a regular basis.

Spy Plane or RC-XD (mostly the second), Napalm Strike and Mortar Team. Why so? You can have your Care Package, or the Attack Helicopter but you may find a problem on that. When the airspace is too crowded you are blocked. You can't use your stuff and there is no reward for you. The ones I used don't depend on that so you can use them whenever it fits to you. You can have more that 15 per game, because they are easy to get, and that is a lot of killing...

Once you have a high Prestige you can try others but think about if they are going to be available for you.

The weapons: Famas (I killed more than 14.000) with it, is the most balanced in my opinion. Strong power and not to shaky. AK 74u for short range stages, as Havana, and SPAS-12 for going to them. Sniping, in case you make it sometimes, for me is not that good without the L96A1 (two options as well: Thermal vision and Variable Zoom).

I discovered quite late the China Lake launcher and the CZ75 pistol (I used the Makarov mostly all the time).

These are my main weapons for reaching the top of the hill but you can try, of course your own. Commando is not bad but I still prefer Famas.

About the equipment I trend to use Claymores (killed nearly 2500 with that up to today) but just because of the type of game I play. There are interesting options for other modes. Frag Grenades reach longer than Semtex so, if you need a long range (for First Blood it is important) take them. For accuracy Semtex can give you more multikills.

And finally, some tips about tactics in Black Ops, in the next and last post. If you missed the first one, it is in here.

Jun 12, 2011

Level 50 15th Prestige. Rising levels tips (I)

Afer 376.4 hours I made it. I reached the level 50 in the 15th Prestige this weekend. Black Ops is nearly done, and I'll be waiting for Modern Warfare 3!

It might be not that important but it is related to the emblems' matter somehow. Creating new emblems requires having a lot of items and the higher your prestige is, the more you unlock.

I though I could give some tips for rising faster your prestige, although there will be many opinions about that, mine is the following.

First of all, for climb onto the Prestige ranking you need to kill people, obviously. For this I recommend playing game types where there are lots of enemies. I used to play Ground War a lot because having 9 enemies is better than having 6. More multikills chances, more killstreaks possibilities and more action, in the end. Of course it is cool playing whatever other kind of game, with friends or just to try, but as a general rule, you'll go slower.

You have to find your weapons combinations, and for that, it takes some time. In the beginning you go for the easy ones, but the could be not the best ones for achieving the next level easily. The same happens with the killstreaks. Some of them are more effective than others for your purpose, some other are just simply attractive.

I know, because I see it, that there are many great players around. Sometimes it gets difficult to over performance, but I think I play good enough with my different profiles to give advice about it. For that, I'll appoint you to the next post, tomorrow.

May 30, 2011

Modern Warfare fan movies

In this ocassion I want to share a fan film, not even of Black Ops, but of Modern Warefare. I know this movie, or two, as you want to see it, are not emblems or Black Ops related directly... The point is that they are really impressive, for a fan film. Take a look to it and tell me I shouldn't post them...

May 27, 2011

Yellow Ninja

Just at the beginning of this month I posted a very stilished Red Ninja. I don't know it the autor of this Yellow Ninja is the same one (I never take pictures of the gamer name) but either he is the same or there is a new Coloured Ninjas School...

May 26, 2011

New York City King Kong (by Alex C.)

Hi all, today I want to share an emblem Alex C. sent me by mail. It is an impressive use of the layers for getting this fantastic King Kong on the top of New York City!

May 25, 2011

Capitan America Shield with FX

Some day I posted a Capitan America shield I considered then better than the rest I saw but now I have to take it to the next level and show you this one including refrections and shinning effects. Yeah: